What is Pokémon GO Tier List?


In the world of Pokémon GO, staying ahead of the game often means understanding the Pokémon GO tier list. This essential resource categorizes Pokémon based on their effectiveness in various aspects of the game. In this article, we’ll delve into the intricacies of the Pokémon GO tier list, exploring its categories, purposes, and ranking criteria, as well as diving into the subcategories that make it a valuable tool for players.


What is Pokémon GO Tier List?


A Pokémon GO tier list is a systematic ranking of Pokémon, classifying them into different categories based on their performance and utility in various aspects of the game. This resource helps trainers make informed decisions when assembling teams for battles, raids, Gym defense, and more. By providing clarity on the strengths and weaknesses of each Pokémon, a tier list aids in optimizing strategies and enhancing gameplay.


Categories, Purpose, and Basis of Ranking


The Pokémon GO tier list encompasses several categories, each designed to serve specific in-game functions:

Pokémon GO tier list
Pokémon GO tier list

Raid Tier List: This category focuses on Pokémon’s effectiveness in defeating raid bosses. Pokémon with high DPS and type advantages against raid bosses are placed in higher tiers, aiding trainers in successful raid battles.


PvP Tier Lists: PvP tier lists are subdivided into Great League, Ultra League, and Master League. Pokémon are categorized based on their performance in player vs. player battles, considering CP restrictions for each league. These lists help trainers build competitive PvP teams.


Gym Defense Tier List: Pokémon in this category excel at defending Gyms. Factors like high defensive stats, resistances, and movesets are taken into account. This tier list guides trainers in setting up resilient Gym defenders.


Team Rocket Battle Tier List: For battles against Team Rocket grunts and leaders, this tier list assesses Pokémon’s effectiveness. It factors in resistances and abilities to help trainers combat Team Rocket encounters effectively.


Special Event Tier Lists: These tier lists are tailored to specific events, such as Community Days, themed raids, or GO Battle League cups. They consider event-specific rules and bonuses to recommend the best Pokémon to use.


Mega Evolution Tier List: With Mega Evolution introduced, this tier list ranks Mega-Evolved Pokémon based on their performance in raids and battles, assisting trainers in making the most of these powerful forms.


Type-Based Tier Lists: Pokémon are categorized by types (e.g., Water, Fire, Psychic), helping trainers choose the optimal counters for type-themed events or raid bosses.


Subcategories of Pokémon GO Tier List


Within each category, Pokémon are further divided into subcategories that reflect their performance. These subcategories include:

Pokémon GO tier list
Pokémon GO tier list


S Tier: Pokémon in this tier are considered the best of the best. They excel in their respective roles, boasting top-tier stats and movesets.


A+ Tier: Pokémon in the A+ tier are still highly effective and recommended choices. They may have slight drawbacks compared to S-tier Pokémon.


A Tier: Pokémon in the A tier remain strong contenders. They are reliable choices for battles and raids.


B+ Tier: Pokémon in this tier offer decent performance but may have limitations or niche applications.


B Tier: Pokémon in the B tier are serviceable but may lack the advantages of higher-tier choices.


C Tier: Pokémon in the C tier are less effective and are often used as last resorts.


D Tier: Pokémon in the D tier are generally considered suboptimal choices, as they have significant weaknesses or limitations.


Understanding these subcategories helps trainers choose the right Pokémon for specific situations, whether it’s a competitive PvP battle or a challenging raid encounter.


In conclusion, the Pokémon GO tier list (current list of attackers) is an indispensable tool for trainers looking to make strategic choices in the game. With its comprehensive categories, subcategories, and rankings, it provides valuable guidance for assembling teams, winning battles, and becoming a Pokémon master. Stay informed and stay ahead with the Pokémon GO tier list as your trusted companion in your journey to catch ’em all.

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