The Artistic Alchemy of Weird Barbie: Ivana and Kate’s Masterpiece in Greta’s “Barbie”

When Greta Gerwig’s cinematic vision “Barbie” came to life, one character stood out for her bizarre yet enchanting appearance: Weird Barbie. Portrayed by the versatile Kate McKinnon, Weird Barbie’s creation was a challenge embraced by the head of makeup, Ivana Primorac. The character’s transformation involved intricate makeup artistry, collaborative efforts, and a thorough understanding of Greta’s unique vision for this eccentric persona.

Ivana Primorac’s Challenge Ivana Primorac, renowned for her makeup artistry, faced the daunting task of bringing Weird Barbie to life. Her journey involved steering clear of familiar looks, striving for an originality that aligned with Greta Gerwig’s vision. The aim was to avoid cliches, crafting a look that was neither too punk nor too typical.

Kate McKinnon’s Transformation Kate McKinnon’s commitment to her role was evident in her willingness to embrace the unconventional. She worked closely with Ivana, delving into the psyche of Weird Barbie and experimenting with various looks to perfect her appearance. McKinnon’s dedication to the transformational process played a crucial role in realizing the character.

Kate McKinnon
Kate McKinnon

Greta Gerwig’s Vision Greta Gerwig envisaged Weird Barbie as an overplayed, almost grotesque version of the iconic doll. The character needed to reflect a Barbie that had been excessively played with, resulting in a distorted, yet fascinating transformation. This vision was central to Ivana’s approach to the character’s makeup and hair styling.

The Process of Bringing Weird Barbie to Life The journey to create Weird Barbie was experimental and intuitive. Ivana and Kate employed unconventional techniques, including drawing on each other’s faces with Sharpie markers, to achieve a childlike, whimsical quality in the makeup. This process was pivotal in capturing the essence of a Barbie that had been lovingly, yet haphazardly, altered by a child.

Hair and Makeup Trials and Tribulations The challenges in creating Weird Barbie were numerous. From finding the perfect blend of hair types to achieving the right balance of overpainting, the team faced numerous trials. Each attempt brought them closer to the desired outcome, blending professional expertise with a child’s uninhibited creativity.

Achieving the Final Look The final look of Weird Barbie was a culmination of numerous trials and collaborative inputs. It was a blend of Ivana’s professional knowledge and Kate’s understanding of the character, resulting in a unique and memorable appearance.

Kate McKinnon as Weird Barbie
Kate McKinnon as Weird Barbie

The Role of Collaboration The creation of Weird Barbie was a testament to the power of collaboration. Kate McKinnon’s input and willingness to experiment played a significant role in achieving the final look. Her partnership with Ivana was crucial in translating Greta’s vision into a tangible, on-screen presence.

Behind the Scenes Insights Ivana Primorac shared her experiences and challenges in creating Weird Barbie. She reflected on the initial attempts, the process of unlearning conventional makeup techniques, and the joy of discovering the character alongside Kate McKinnon.

The Impact of Hair Color and Makeup Choices The decisions regarding hair color and makeup were crucial in defining Weird Barbie’s look. These choices not only contributed to the character’s visual appeal but also aligned with the broader narrative of the film.

The Significance of Weird Barbie in the Movie Weird Barbie’s role in “Barbie” was more than just a visual spectacle. The character added depth to the narrative, representing the limitless possibilities of imagination and individuality.

Audience Reception and Reaction Weird Barbie’s unconventional appearance garnered mixed reactions from audiences. While some appreciated the creativity and originality, others found it jarring. Nonetheless, the character left a lasting impression on viewers.

The creation of Weird Barbie in Greta Gerwig’s “Barbie” was a journey of artistic exploration and collaboration. The efforts of Ivana Primorac and Kate McKinnon, under the guidance of Greta’s vision, resulted in a character that was both weirdly captivating and deeply symbolic.

Greta Gerwig’s “Barbie” leads the Golden Globe with nine nominations, showcasing its dominance in categories like Best Picture Musical or Comedy, and acting recognitions for Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling.


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