WWE Legend Tammy Sytch Receives 17-Year Prison Sentence for Fatal DUI Crash – Wrestling Icon Faces Decades Behind Bars

In a shocking turn of events, WWE legend Tammy Sytch, popularly known as Sunny, has been sentenced to 17 years in prison and nearly a decade of probation for her involvement in a deadly DUI crash in Florida last year. The sentencing, which includes a 10-year and a seven-year term served consecutively, marks a significant chapter in the tragic aftermath of the 2022 incident in Daytona Beach.

The Fatal Crash and Legal Proceedings

Sytch’s involvement in the fatal DUI crash resulted in the death of 75-year-old Julian Lassiter. The crash occurred on March 25, 2022, when Sytch, with a blood alcohol level three times the legal limit, collided with Lassiter’s vehicle, leading to a chain reaction involving a third car. Lassiter tragically lost his life, and other individuals sustained injuries.

Sytch faced a multitude of charges related to the incident, including driving with a suspended license, DUI, DUI with damage to a person, and DUI with damage to property. Despite pleading no contest to these charges in August 2022, the sentencing unfolded recently, with the wrestling icon receiving 17 years in prison, along with nearly a decade of probation following her release. She will also need to complete eight years of probation, 50 hours of community service and pay a $10,000 fine.

 Tammy Sytch
Tammy Sytch

The Legal History and Prosecution’s Stance

Sytch’s legal troubles extend beyond this incident, with a lengthy rap sheet dating back to 2012, including multiple DUI arrests in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Prosecutors sought the maximum penalty of 26 years in prison, citing Sytch as a “danger to society” due to her repeated DUI offenses.

In 2019, Sytch faced her sixth DUI charge, leading to an eight-month prison sentence. This history played a crucial role in the severity of the sentencing for the 2022 fatal crash.

Reactions and Disappointment from the Victim’s Family

The victim’s family expressed disappointment with the sentencing, believing it should have been longer. Whitney Lassiter-Hill, Julian’s daughter, conveyed the family’s sentiments, emphasizing their desire for a more stringent punishment.

Sytch’s Apology and Courtroom Drama

During the sentencing hearing, Sytch, clad in an orange jumpsuit and shackles, addressed the courtroom. Tearfully, she apologized for her actions and expressed remorse, acknowledging the impact on the victim’s family. Despite her emotional plea, the judge handed down a 17-year prison sentence.


The sentencing of Tammy Sytch, aka Sunny, to 17 years in prison for her role in a fatal DUI crash has sent shockwaves through the wrestling community. The legal proceedings, emotional courtroom drama, and the disappointment from the victim’s family have made this a headline-worthy story. As the wrestling icon faces a significant period behind bars, the repercussions of her actions continue to reverberate, sparking discussions about accountability and the enduring consequences of DUI offenses.

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